Chapter 03.05

It was at our engagement party when I first set eyes upon the man whom I will love forever.

Shortly after Rachel and I arrived in Florida, I had begged Henry to throw a party so that I could meet his friends.  I was sitting shyly at the table next to my fiance’; he had his hand wrapped fiercely around mine.  As every new couple walked through the door, they would swoop by our table, Henry would introduce us, and they would leave to find their own table.  But William was never one to be outshone by anyone, not even his best friend and bride-to-be.

We were in a great big sun room that was attached to a quiet restaurant, and it was after dark.   Candles were lit at every table, and a gentle breeze fluttered the flames around, almost as though it was intent on making the whole thing seem quite magical.

When William arrived, an hour after he was expected, he walked in with larger than life gusto.  Entire tables of folks rose to their feet to greet him.

Henry stood, too.  His hand still wrapped around mine, he pulled me to my feet and led me through the crowds of mingling people.

“William!  Hello!” shouted one man.

“Howdy, Hi!” glowed William, exuberant from the top of his head to the ends of his toes.

It was strange to see all of these people fawning over this one single, albeit lavishly handsome man.   Yet, I, too, was sucked in almost instantly.

William opened his arms wide to my fiance’.  “Henry! You lucky fellow!  You really did have a bride waiting to come home to you!”  he bellowed as he reached to wrap his arms around my Henry.

Then he turned to me.

“And this? Who is this gorgeous dame?” He play-shoved Joseph away and dropped to his knees before me, grabbing at my hands.   I giggled at the show Henry’s friend was presenting for me.  William blinked dramatically, still holding my wrists and stuttered, “Will, will, will,” and gasped, making a large gesture with his arms, grappling for his hat, “Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry!”  He took his hat from his head, giving me back one of her wrists and clutched the hat to his chest.  “Will you marry me?” William spat out the punctuated words with mock pleading in his face.

“Sorry old chap,” Henry said as he wrapped his arm around me, “this fine woman has been spoken for.”

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