Chapter 03.02

My dreams disturbed me a bit.

While I didn’t mean to be cranky with Lila, I found myself slapping her hand and saying, “No” to her more forcefully than usual.   Our guests left, and here I was, trying to be happy with my little family.  Henry was home for the weekend, and I was set on going about our pretend happy little life for the next several days.

Henry, being the innocent type, went on through his day, whistling and making small talk.

“Peach?” he asked.

“What is it Henry?”

“Will you make me a roast sandwich for lunch today?”

“Yes, Henry.” I didn’t particularly want to, but I was his wife, and that was my job.

“Peach?” he asked.

“What is it, Henry?”

“Will you help me with this chair?”

“Yes, Henry.” I would help him repair the leg of a chair that had been broken.

“Peach?” he asked.

“What do you want, Henry?”

He stopped, a look of surprise slipped on to his face.  I suppose I said it in a tone that was a little less inviting than it ought to have been.

“Are you happy?” he asked.

“Of course, Henry.”


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