Chapter 02.01

Lila forces me out of my daze with her shrieks.

“Oh, Lila,” I whisper.  Please stop screaming, I think.

She is often an easy baby.  I think she hates him, though, because when William comes over, she is unruly.  Naughty baby.

Being a mother to her is difficult.  She, like the ring, reminds me of how I may never leave my husband.   So I remain in this limbo: a husband and a lover.

These are the secrets I must keep from everyone.

Neither my parents nor my sister nor my best friend would understand.

So I remain silent and allow my daughter to shriek for me.

“Why is she acting like that?” William asks.  His tone is not kind.  I suspect that Lila reminds him, too, why he will never have me completely.  We are united in our resentment for her.

I feel terrible for stating it.

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