Chapter 01.03

Lieutenants Henry Roy and Frank Green were stationed with my family after the Americans took our city.  They were placed with us by Captain Sherwin Wood.  After the bombs dropped for the final time in Munich, an uncanny silence seeped through the hills and valleys.   All was painfully quiet.  Like death.  Perhaps we were all dead.

The permeating surreal silence was broken by an unfamiliar creak of foreign tank tires rolling in.

Papa was terrified.

Captain Wood’s fist pounded on the thick door.  I thought it might come off its hinges. Maybe that was just us.

Papa opened the door.  He had no other choice.

“These men will be staying with you indefinitely.  You will feed them, clothe them, and honor them, or they will make your life miserable.”

So we did what any sane family would do.  We took them in.


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